Action Plan

School Mo,
iTOURo ko!
To familiarize new freshmen students on the school’s facilities, personnel, and buildings
Tour freshmen students around CNSHS 
 campus, introduce some school personnel,
 and show them the different facilities
SSG Officers and members; New freshmen students
April 2012
Project Bayanihan
Assistance in the organization of the participation of students, volunteers, and parents in the annual Brigada Eskwela; show volunteerism through active participation in all activities
Cutting grasses and planting flowering plants around the pavilion; organizing the bulletin boards; assisting in the Brigada Eskwela program
Newly elected SSG officers and members
May 2012
Pinoy 1B Trees Project
Lead/ Participate in the National Greening Program and other environment-related activities
Planting of different kinds of fruit bearing trees such as Kalamansi, Malunggay, and Guyabano in school compound
SSG Team; Young Environmentalist Club; (Science Club)
June 2012 – March 2013
Production of New Identification Cards Made of P.V.C
To provide students better and more durable identification card
Students will be provided with identification cards made of P.V.C. with the assistance of the Fourth Year PTA
SSG Team/ CNSHS Students and Fourth PTA Officers
June 2012 – July 2012
SSG First Year Representative Election
Elect a student among the freshmen who will represent the first year level in the Supreme Student Government
Scouting for qualified candidates; Conducting the election proper
SSG Team
3rd week of July 2012
Induction of SSG Officers and other club officers
Induct the newly elected officers of SSG and other clubs
Planning of the Program; Inducting the SSG Officers
SSG Team
August 2012
National Disaster and Preparedness Month
Acquire basic techniques on how to survive catastrophes especially during storms and earthquakes
Invite a professional or specialist to conduct a lecture on earthquake drills and fire drills
SSG Team
August 2012
SSG Developmental Fund
Collect sixty (60) Pesos as SSG developmental fund
Collecting of SSG Developmental Fund
SSG Team/All Students/Advisers
First week of August 2012
Project HEART
(Honoring Exemplary, Attentive, and Respectable Teachers) 
Recognize teacher’s effort in molding student’s academic performance and behavior

Giving Tributes for Teachers with Mini Games, Gifts, Salu-Salo Together, and Raffle
All students and teachers
October 05, 2012
National Leadership Training for SSG
Participate in the National Leadership Training for SSG
Participating in the National Leadership Training for SSG
SSG Officers/Adviser
November 04, 2012
Anti Drug Campaign and Moral Recovery Program
To increase students’ awareness about Drug Addiction
Conduct a seminar about Drug Addiction and Moral Recovery Program
SSG Team/CNSHS Family
December 2012
Christmas Party 2012
Show the spirit of giving and loving  through various Christmas activities
Gift Giving, Christmas Program, and Games
CNSHS Family
December 2012
Registration of Grade 7 Students
Assist in the registration of incoming Grade 7 students
Preparation of Gymnasium and Assist in the Registration
SSG Team
January – February 2013
Family Week Celebration
Keep family bonding through games and recreational   activities
Program for the Celebration of Family Day
Student’s Family
CNSHS Family
February 2013
SSG Election of Candidates for the  SSG Officers  SY 2013-2014
Elect student leaders for the following school year and become the next batch of SSG officers
Conduct the filings of certificates of candidacy, the campaign, and the election proper
SSG Team/ All Students
February 2013
School – Based SSG Planning and Leadership Training
Train newly elected officers about the mandated programs, projects and activities of SSG
Preparation of matrix and program of training
SSG Team and Adviser
April 2013
YES Camp
Participate in the YES Camp 2013
Joining the YES Camp
SSG Team and
May 2013
Project SSG 1
(Sound System sa Gym)
Raise fund for the improvement of the sound system.

Garage sale in school and with the help of the parents, to send a request to the Provincial Capitol
SSG Team/ CNSHS Family
S.Y. 2012-2013
Project SSG 2 (Special Students Gulayan Sa Paaralan)
Involve students in the production of selected vegetables
Planting of okra,  talong, sitaw, sili, malunggay  etc...
SSG TEAM/Fourth Year Students
July –March 2013

Creation of SSG Pavilion /Office
Establish pavilion/office within school compound
SSG developmental fund/ sponsors
July-March 2013
Monthly meeting of SSG officers
Planning and/or updating on status of SSG activities and finances (including fund raising)
Monthly meeting of SSG Officers
SSG Team and Adviser
S.Y. 2012-2013
Maintenance of SSG bulletin board
For updating of students, faculty and parents on activities of the SSG and related events
Regularly post news and updates on the SSG bulletin board
SSG Team


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